Monday, June 2, 2008

(Domestic) HELP is on the way!!

JJ Mckay has left a new comment on your post "Gucci joins LV":
Yup, I saw the girl and the white guy at ARTHK 08 a few weeks ago in Hong Kong. At first I thought it was some random white guy and a domestic helper. But then I recognized who they were... it's easy to make these mistakes in Wanchai.
(You're right! Sometimes I even disguise myself as my helper!!)

while rightly so.....

Brian Brotarlo has left a new comment on your post "Gucci joins LV":
jj mckay. Ease up on the domestic helper comparison. These domestic workers are more useful than the parasites that fancy themselves the elite.

BUT SPEAKING OF.....mistaken DH identities....

Few months ago, I saw this woman carrying a beige double-C Chanel quilted tote outside LV in Landmark. Okay---those with double C quilted Chanel bags may have to put theirs away for a few years because don't you hate seeing the right things on the wrong people???
ANYWAY...I was with a friend and we see this woman. She's lookin' at us and I'm lookin' at her but not in a bad way because she looked familiar and HONEST TO GAWD..I thought she was a maid in our building! That's why I was trying not to stare in a bad way!! But I also thought perhaps she didn't like my outfit or my friend's outfit!
TURNS OUT..she was..taaaah--daahh--the wife (aka madame turned Mrs) of swimmer turned beauty shop swindler.
HOW DID I KNOW? The friend who was with me saw the swimming swindler checking in at Mandarin Oriental and put two and two plus 50 million or so and a Porsche 4x4 together.....Oh and don't forget the Chanel bag!


Queenie Santos said...

You know... I hope I'm right. This couple sounds like David Buenvacz and Jessica something... Jessica Rodriquez? The one who managed that Beverley Hills something clinic? Although I can be wrong because I don't think he was a swimmer- I think he was a decathlete or runner or something like that. I could be wrong. If it was them, I saw a video of her on crying on cam on how innocent they were in this fiasco. Again.. I can be wrong.

Chika Time! said...

Celini's new man is Francois Delage, former President of Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific. We received tips from our HK and Japanese insiders.

Our HK tipster spotted Celine at Pacific Place on May 17 at around 4PM. She wore her singature scarf and a short purple dress.

Matt said...

Dearest KITTY,

As a La Sallalite who went to high school with a nephew of yours.....I was already enamored by your articles! I found it so interesting/titillating at that time, to be one step from Kitty Go, even if it meant being just a classmate hahahaha .....medyo babaw I guess, but hey Manila is Manila.... you are illusioned by people in places....can you imagine the dismay of my tsinoy family looking up to this lifestyle?...hehehe as I got older trying to run around the same circles??? hehehe naku the dramz! No respectable TSINOY should be fooling around with HUA-NA's hahahahahahahaha we have to keep the name! LOL

Now I can say that commenting on your blog, I can achieve a step closer to your kachican! hehehe LOVE IT! I have the last laugh!

Love your articles, the wit used to laugh at yourself and yet understand class ka parin! FABULOUS!

I'm older now and a bit wiser and left that life behind. Although I must say the penchant for the material goods linger here and there.......hehehe

Thanks to Brian for getting me hooked.

SO from now on, aside from checking my e-mail, my internet to do list are:

1. Brian's Blog
2. Kitty's Blog,
and for international flare..
3. PerezHilton

HUGZ Kitty,


Don said...

Jessica Rodriguez is dat chu?

cookie-sweetie said...

hello kitty!
i'm glad to see that you have your own blog. I got the link from brian's page. keep it up!

Cacho said...

Maldita Ka! - That said with utter adoration. Okay, David is a decathlon athlete (100m, Long Jump,Shot Put, High Jump, 400m, 110m Hurdles, Discus Throw, Pole Vault, Javelin, 1500m) and i don't think i've had the chance to see him in swimming trunks. he also never delivered the gold he was supposed to bring to the country. i guess that went to paying the downpayment for the porsche.

we jogged together in rizal memorial early morning waay back in school where i trained as a track and field athlete of DLSU. oh yeah, we worked out together in Tektite towers then, but that was when he was with AJ Abayari (anyone remember the bangag english speaking darna wannabee?)

dementia said...

I'm sure that's jessica rodriguez? ka-cheapan! i remember that she sang during her wedding.

kitty, at last you have a blog. i've been waiting for ages!

Anonymous said...

Di ba ex rin ni Jessica si arnold schwarzenegger?

Hmm I saw the DH you've been saying, she isn't pretty at all. Slim lang.

The Gravelcat said...

equilibrium2008 said:

Di ba ex rin ni Jessica si arnold schwarzenegger?


I think that was supposed to be Jean-claude Van Damme?