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There are several reasons why I am loving the law drama-thriller series "Damages' (2007) with Glenn Close, Rose Bryne, Noah Bean, Ted Danson and some guy with a Slavic name...

1) the story (of course)-- which is of that genre of ' everyone has a reason, read: no real bad guys' like The Wire and Devil Wears Prada. The Dvd jacket cover says it is the Soprano and Devil Wears Prada for lawyers. Although Glenn Close's character may not have the fashion edge over Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestley, her character makes Priestley's look like a school nurse. Truthfully, the only great clothing in DWP were the furs.

2) I love the idea that they are always drinking and smoking. Even at work! Mostly drinking--white and red, bourbon, beer, expensive scotch. No one makes movies like that anymore!! No drugs....yet! For that, you go to The Wire or Gucci Gang videos.

3) But what I love most about this series is the FASHION. As in costumes! Although it is not in the historical costume arena of Dangerous Liaisons or in the fashion victim parade of Devil Wears Prada and Sex in the City (which I never liked and based on photos from the movie, will dislike even more..) --

Damages is a lesson on dressing for success in the corporate world. It is clearly a show for winners about winners. Sadly, I wouldn't say the same for the set design--but Ted Danson has a great pool.

Being in fashion and media, I wouldn't dress like any of the characters but I highly recommend bankers, lawyers and others in conservative and corporate careers to consider these looks.

I wanna know who did the styling and costuming because the clothes really illustrate the meaning of Power Dressing today where one's clothing (without logos or iconic looks) conveys status before you even say anything.

Clearly it qualifies the premise that at the top echelons of society (celebrities and 'fashionistas' NOT included) stealth wealth is where it's at and has always been. In that rarefied circle, you only want the 'right people' to recognize what you are wearing and you want to use fashion as a statement of style, position and power and not simply a show of wealth (because THAT is relative!)

Note things such as-----

- the varying qualities (depending on rank) of impeccably styled suits and luxurious fabrications all throughout the show. Clothing is so important to the Glenn Close character that she sends new associate Rose Byrne to her personal shopper at Bergdorf's to get kitted out (so you KNOW the job is going to kill her!!!)

-I don't know where Close got her suits (Jil? Brooks? Thom B? Margiela? quiet Chanel? Loro P? Please don't say Armani...) but the fit and quality of all of them are perfect. Not a crease even at 11 PM when she's STILL at the office. Make-up and hair always perfect in a Park Avenue Princess way even when she walks her dog. Her work bags are functional and stylish without having a Birkin in sight!

She may have a uniform of button down shirt and suit but the costuming clearly illustrates how someone in the corporate world can still dress in the most overused fashion phrase--- classics with a twist. Pink tweed, mini-checked shirt with striped jacket, etc.

In episode 10, look at her 5c (??) marquis engagement ring--what a winner!!

-Because Close is MILES away in seniority to Byrne, she dresses more conservatively but obviously more expensively compared to Byrne's suits with quirky blouses that look like they are from Philip Lim, Edun, Noir and others of that mid-range price point.

PERHAPS it's just MY BIAS---but even the shoes are covered---
-junior associate Rose Byrne wears Louboutin with blazing red soles while bossy bitch lawyer that takes Manhattan seems to wear stealth-wealthy Manolo Blahniks even to visit her son on a farm (Please don't tell me they are Jimmy Choos but the might be)

- Ted Danson who plays the billionaire dressed-down most of the time. Based on my many interviews with CEOs and MDs, today's power lies in the one who cares least about his clothes. And YET....
-for public functions he wears a great dark suit with two-tone stripes so subtle you need a closeup to see the detail. AND...
-when Danson's character goes into deposition, he wears the same suit and tries in vain to tie a Windsor knot, which he says , "The knot of rich people which I as a billionaire can't do.." And who helps him? His dandy of a Southern lawyer who wears...
-light colored suits in the darkest power suited town of New York City and looks great even if he isn't a looker himself!

Everything was well-thought out that even the lady chef and stalker with minor roles do great casual looks.

And the other supporting office people and simple folk? Well, they DID dress like office people and Dress Barn.



BoobooStrider said...

i love damages! one of the best series... and i love kitty go! woohoo!

Stella Arnaldo said...

Hi Ms. Kitty! Super blog...just very tiny fonts though, duling na ako, hehe. (If you want to adjust the font size, go to your dashboard, click layout, then fonts and colors.)

Nice to know that you like Damages. It's really such a great TV series. I've been trying to get my girlfriends to watch it too. Glenn Close' character is such a manipulative bitch...but I just love her!