Friday, June 27, 2008


There I was lying in bed today at 830 AM thinking I could have a lie-in until 10 when the window sealer (I wish it was a window dresser) would arrive when a little bird flew into my room to take refuge from the rain.
(The window sealer is coming because I have a bad feeling, with all the water coming in from the rain, that our flat is going to go the same route as the ferry that sank---out to sea)
ANYWAY---there we were having smokes and cokes (for the bird :a straw so it doesn't catch SARS from me..I know for some the powdered version of coke with a straw would be a better choice but the only white powder we have at home is cornstarch)
AND GUESS WHAT? The bird turns to me and says, "The Preview Best Dressed party is postponed to July 4. Embassy is boarded up today." (It took them 3 months to figure out what is un-chic? The slow learners have to go to Parsons remedial school)
You wouldda thunk that people would have stayed away from that joint since March 2008 when Gorrell blew his stories about the un-chic-ness of that place.
In fact, Chikatime should have gone political by doing the Government crowd then the Embassy crowd. Embassy had a surge in new guests --the wrong-er kind of course---because of the DJ scandal. The idea was like visiting Lenin's tomb. (well, not quite)
Someone even went one night to 'try to take paparazzi shots' (of who? The winner of the Miss-Information pageant who was trying to boink the bouncer thinking he was the owner??)
This person may have walked away without photos but at least walked away with a new expensive handbag which was in no way related to the bar. (because the bag is chic, okay?)
So why postpone a party to July 4 at Embassy where the only party that is for sure gonna happen will be the one at the US Embassy???
Anyway, I'm not invited to either events.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the authority of Taguig headed by Mayor Tinga responded immediately to this DJ mauling a balikbayan(kachurvahan na talaga etitch!!!).VVVVVIP...Whatever happened to Mr. Ambassador of fun...ny?Tiny it is(the fun at Embassy not the dick).tsk.tsk.

Anonymous said...

hmmm buti nga, this place na lang palagi ang may gulo. There will always be a rumble pag andun yung mga airheaded na VIP guests nila.