Saturday, May 31, 2008

CHIC HAPPENS..even to the best of us!

Don't we just love this photo that epitomizes 'I Love the Nightlife?" (Fendi Great Wall party in Beijing, November 2007)
I was there and it was a rare global fashion event. But for me it was an even rarer event to be up after 10 PM accompanied by more than one person. In fact my husband didn't want me to go until he found out LVMH spent 7 million euros on the affair. A prime example that people are impressed with money even if it ain't talkin' to them!

Welcome to my novel (in more ways than one) blog which I hope will reach ultimate heights in information, mis-information and diss-information. But sadly, it will surely remain low in information technology. If you are looking for the excitement and technological advancement of PerezHilton, this is not the place that's why he has a clothing line and I have nothing but a clothesline hanging from the 8th floor. I have yet to learn the rules of blogging and I'm afraid the management of this blog, like my life, will be a mess.
I am hoping to make this blog an inspiration for my third and hopefully last novel. Yes, I am planning to get a proper French manicure for my claws and will be storing my pointy Rupert Sanderson stilettos which I don't use for walking but for ass-kicking.
HOWEVER, because this is going to me my last show, I will really try my best to make you laugh until you cry and your Guerlain G2 mascara runs. Inspired by bloggers such as Chikatime, Brian Gorrell and Brian Boy, I have decided to take my information-gathering and book-writing efforts public. This is new to someone like me who does not court publicity unlike many PUBLIC FIGURES we know such as the Gucci Gang and countless celebrities who cannot string a sentence either because of too much drugs or too little education. But wait till scandal hits and these very people become the first to deny they are 'public figures."
(OKAY--I KNOW many of you will counter with incidents where I do magazine and TV interviews. Let me say that I NEVER ask for publicity except when I have to promote a book. Unfortunately not many people have the courage to give bold and snarky opinions like I do so which bitch do the media go to if it's a slow day for news? What is it that someone said?? "I'm happy to have enough money to have convictions but not enough to fear everyone..." Or something to that effect...As we say today, "Google it!"
Now for the rules of the Game of (Societal) Death:
1) Because I am cheap and chic, I will accept any information whether true, false or made up while you were soaking in the bath on LSD. Comments are moderated but I still don't know how! hahaha!
2) My stand on drugs: I don't care if you smoke, toke or snort yourself to death as long as other people's lives are not ruined. Therefore, if I know you and you do drugs but I don't have to pay for your re-hab or your drugs, you can still be my friend. I'll pay for your drinks but not Jeroboams, okay? We can even ride in the same car and share a meal at Andok's....Just don't share the loo with my dogs because they already have a Prozac habit. Sammy and Tallulah DO spend a LOT of time in the loo together because that's where we always find them....
3) Being a media person who has made great friends out of (former) enemies and continue to make enemies by the minute, I don't take anything personally and neither should you! Ever heard of the word 'frenemy?" Google it!
Before we let the games begin, let me remind my readers and potential detractors and their lawyers from Cavite, the parameters of blogging: contents covering bestiality, racism, sexism, child pornography are absolutely prohibited. In simple People magazine prose, that means the id-jots who get offended because people have spread fact or fiction about their business practices, RubberMaid plastic surgery, behaviour at Andok's, Olympic social climbing, backstabbing using an ancient stolen Ming Dynasty dagger DO NOT..take note, (even with the help of St Jude) DO NOT have a God forsaken prayer! Mag-yoga nalang kayo because at least you will not only reach Nirvana, but reach the size you always wanted to be to be able to wear haute couture samples!
As my husband said when I announced that I was writing a third book, "Don't you have enough enemies?" To which I replied, "I am seeking world domination.."
AND as my friends at Chikatime would say, "Yan lang pow..."


davechopsuey said...

very in-chic!

Slavisa said...

kitty go, more power to you. finished when chic hits the fan a few weeks ago, devoured it in an hour!!! but i can't seem to find chic happens online. where do i order it (i live in europe)?

nightcrawler27 said...

love you kitty!! ill always be a fan!

oliveoil said...

i'm so amazed on the courage and witt you have in writing your books (had a glance - wanna have one soon) and now starting a blog. Me-not rich and famous unlike the subjects you have in your books/blog which i believe are the ones sizzling themselves with their own extra virgin oils. but since i happen to be an addict reader in so many ways - i become aware of the happenings around - from rice shortage to lifestyle, entertainment and cartoons, obituaries etc.hayy

Gossip/slander for me is a devastating virus if not managed and cured but we all have our choice - to be seen or Not to be seen :)your pick.

Correct me if i'm wrong ha...your book and blog really virtually reflects/DISCLOSES the true colors/skeletons of the some or almost? high olympic society (as you say)na walang pakialam wether they can make or brake themselves and others so long as no one knows??? shure ba sila?buttt...wait! here you are.. the POLICE of the "OC-hi-butt-lo SOciety pipol" They better watch themselves na talaga. they better be good boys and gels na or else...Kitty go will get yo! espeysialy in public or private meet with their own gangs? you can never tell if one of them is a "K.G.B" ("Kitty Go's Bait")-my own acronym just for you -ORIG yan ha - he he! i think u are an original when it comes to the info’s you know and write.

anyways, let your purpose of having your books published together with this blog = bring the guilty ones to repentance and change...Not deny then hide and subside or suicide. if they get to read it-- little do we know that they've already come on their knees.

MAY YOUR BATTLE (whether u ask for it or not- becomes your battle coz i'm sure they won't accept being "buking" and worse - published!) WITH THE "OC-hi-butt-lo pipol" SUCCEED. sana u can include the policticians na rin na makakapal ang apog he he. peace!!

Mabuhay ka!!

Anonymous said...

go, Kitty Go! :)

maries said...

hi kitty, i;ll definitely bookmark your page. i'll be enjoying your posts.

joy said...


Boy oh boy.....

Your blog is gonna be a lot of fun read. Like your 2 chic books were.

Looking forward. Good luck!

Raúl Ibáñez said...

Love it!

janie said...

domination on its way indeed! .. way to go ms kitty .. welcome to the blogging world! Though my blog contents are miles different from your's and Brian's, I still believe I will have a good time hangin' out. anyways, "difference" doesn't exists in this "world" :) .. hope to read more.. chic!

dindin said...

ay laveeeet!

jepayuki said...

i love chick flicks, chick literature, everything else that's chic, chick, or chica!

your books are "out of i-stack" here at national bookstore! :(

will neither fret nor fear, because your blog is here =)

cheers kitty!

by: Genkuro said...

Great opening Blog Entry.

I will definitely look forward to your posts. I have to admit I haven't had the opportunity to read your books yet. OUT OF STOCK lagi!

Best of luck and welcome to the blogosphere! said...

I'm inspired...
Kitty, dominate the world!! Let us be your minions! hahahaha